Waterborne Paint

Hi-Brite's waterborne paint range has been specifically engineered to deliver a high performing pavement marking solution.  This specially formulated paint is only manufactured in Australian faciliities that deliver consistent quality throughout their manufacturing processes. With sound management systems, NATA Laboratory Accreditation, ISO 9001:2000 and APAS RMU (recognised manufacturing unit) status, our  partners are regarded as the best in their field.  The attention we give to quality ensures that all batches of production are consistent and meet our customer requirements and specifications every time.  Hi-Brite waterborne paint  exceeds the australian standards for luminace, viscosity and dry time  

Hi-Btite waterborne paint is a durable long lasting road and pavement marking solution that is evironmenally friendly.  The product is engineered using acrylic emulsion technologies and is suitable for a large range of applications from motorways to cities and surbaban streets to parking lots, schools and hospitals 

Hi-Brite waterborne paint delivers performance on both bitumen and concrete substrates and can be applied in a wide temperature spectrum, from as low as 10 degrees celcius to as high as 49 degrees celcius.  Application is easy with conventional spray or airless equipment 

Key Facts

  • APAS approved
  • High film build to 0.75mm
  • Low VOC formular and non flammable
  • Cleans up and reduces with water
  • Excellent atomisation and application characteristics
  • Quick dry time
  • Durable, abrasion resistant finish
  • Flexibility to withstand road expansion 
  • High performance ability to hold large beads for enhanced retroflectivity

Physical Characteristics​​​

  • Colour                                  White matching to N15
  • Viscosity                              80-90 KU @ 25 C
  • Density                                1.63 - 1.73
  • Weight Solids(%)               76.8 - 81.5%
  • Volume Solida (%)             62-64%
  • VOC Content                       60g/L
  • Theoretical Coverage       3.1sqm/L at 200um dry film thickness
  • Theoretical Coverage       2.1sqm/L at 300um dry film thickness
Data Sheet