Geveko Markings (formerly RRSP) carries one of the most comprehensive ranges of markers in the country and is recognised as the industry leader in Australia.  At Geveko Markings we see raised pavement markers as a critical safety function on our roads, communicating the travel path for short and long range vehicle operation.

As a product proven to improve delineation, and increase preview time especially under wet conditions, Geveko Markings is commited to supporting this through the quality of our products.  All of our RPM's comply with AS1742 and ASTM D4280.

All RPM's manufactured and supplied by Geveko Markings are designed around three imperative points to support and deliver safety on our roads. Our markers are engineered to stick and provide continuous presence over a long period of time.  The materials used in theri manufacture ensure a highly durable product that can withstand heavy traffic punishment over time and retain retroreflectivity and are abrasion resistance

Our range is extensive with our most popular products being the single / two way reflective permanent markes, solar markers, temporary single / two way reflective markers and car park dots 

Key Products

Raised Pavement Markers
Marker Spec Sheet
Traffic Buttons
Chip Seal Temp
Solar Marker Spec Sheet