PREMARK® Preformed Thermoplastic

We are the primary distribution partner in ANZ for PREMARK®.

PREMARK® is a permanent preformed marking with long lasting durability. The material fuses to the pavement surface when heated. PREMARK® is the most established preformed thermoplastic in the world and can last 6–8 times longer than road markings painted on the road surface.

Unlike other preforms in the marketplace, PREMARK® has glass beads evenly dispersed on the surface of the material and all through the 3 mm thick markings to ensure optimum reflection during the life time of the product. A patented temperature indicator system indicates when PREMARK® has been sufficiently heated.

PREMARK® is an exceptional product and and has several international approvals such as ATG, BASt and NF. The coloured pigments used in PREMARK® are organic and along with the other components of the material, do not give off environmentally harmful substances.

The long lasting durability of PREMARK®, which is formulated for all climates and all seasons, makes it particularly well suited for heavy traffic areas such as intersections and city traffic, with the additional benefit of the product being resistant to fuel and oils.   PREMARK® is available in a wide selection of sizes and special decals can be made to order. The product complies with AS/NZ 4049.2 and all state specifications.

Key Facts

  • Engineered heavy duty marking solution
  • Ease of application with patented temperature indicators
  • Pre cut and ready to use
  • Factory applied surface beads for enhance retroreflectivity
  • Clean edge apperance
  • One year shelf life easing inventory management
  • Quick dry time
  • Anti-skid > 55BPN
  • Good UV resistance
  • Strong colour stability
  • Multiple system application solutions
  • Easy to modify in field with sharp knife

Product Application

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