Klemmfix Delineation

Geveko Markings (formerly RRSP) are the sole Australian distributor of the unique and original world leading Horizont klemmfix road safety delineation system.  Whether its side mounted, post mounted, or curb mounted, the lane dividing products can provide a range of solutions including lane channelisation, traffic redirection and re-routing.  
The Horizont Klemmfix system is ideal for active construction sites where concrete or plastic barriers consume additional, critical space. Lane Dividers are also tall and flexible enough so that they can suffer vehicle impacts without major damage to the divider or the vehicle

The single separator units are connected with a very solid moulded-in metal hook.  This stable, but flexible connection guarantees enough clearance in order to set up different curves for the optimum road layout design.  The manifold anti-skid system on the bottom of each unit ensures an excellent laying stability on the road surface.  The horizont klemmfix separator does not have to be glued or screwed to the road.  This helps to deliver speed of installation with the benefit that no residuals of glue are left on the lane, which avoids the potential for phantom marking.  Built-in one-size-fits-all slots accept all delineators types.  Lateral climbing edges allow vehicles firstly to climb on-and secondly to press down the separator whilst driving over, aiding position stability to the separator.  The reflective arch with 14 cats‘ eyes reflectors, depicts the raised profile. This helps moterist and in particular motorcyclists to notice an elevation on the lane, especially at night
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