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RRSP are the sole Australian distributor of the unique and original world leading Horizont klemmfix road safety delineation system.  Whether its side mounted, post mounted, or curb mounted, the lane dividing products can provide a range of solutions including lane channelisation, traffic redirection and re-routing.  


Hofmann GmbH partners with Reflective Road Safety Products in ANZ


Since 1995 RRSP has been servicing the local market with bitument melters and small linemarking machines.  We are now absolutely delighted to partner with one of the largest and notable equipment manufactures.  If you are looking for a new piece of kit or spares or advice for an existing machine contact us today 


Quality is a cornerstone of our business; RRSP is accredited to ISO9001. Our  paint products and glass beads are certified by the APAS and are produced in quality manufacturing sites  with NATA Laboratory Accreditation, ISO 9001 and APAS RMU (recognised manufacturing units)


  1. Reflective Road Safety Products
    RRSP is a customer focused organisation that passionately pursues its core values of quality, service and value. The foundations on which the business was built will always remain at the heart of everything we do - that's why RRSP is one of the longest serving suppliers in the industry. Over the course of the last 15 years RRSP has developed into a market leading supplier of traffic safety products and pavement coatings. We are proud of our innovation and research, which has culminated in the introduction of Hi-Brite Pavement Systems. We will continue to support and respond to the needs of our customers. Collaboration is key to our success. Hi-Brite Pavement Systems paint products and glass beads are certified by APAS. Those materials are manufactured in APAS approved locations and to the highest possible specifications. Our recent partnership with Geveko means that RRSP can now deliver the outstanding Premark Preformed Thermoplastics range - which is wildly recognised as a global leader. In addition to our standard product range we also stock a host of electronic devices and application equipment, such as variable message boards, arrow boards, road signs, airless spray machines, thermoplastic kettles and self-propelled units and MMA equipment.